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Measles - are you protected?

Measles is highly contagious – and easily preventable. It’s a serious disease that affects both children and adults. 2 doses of the MMR vaccine is all you need to protect yourself, your family and your community. It’s free for anyone born from 1 January 1969.

Fire Service Smoke Alarm Referral Form
Do you have smoke alarms in your house? Are they in working order?

The Fire Service wants us to be safe and is keen to access homes to ensure smoke alarms are installed, and are working. 

Safer Whanganui has included the Fire Service's Smoke Alarm Referral form on Whanganui District Council's website at http://www.whanganui.govt.nz/our-district/safer-wanganui/Pages/default.aspx 

Please note:
Not all referrals automatically qualify for free smoke alarms but even if you don't qualify, the Fire Service will still fit smoke alarms supplied by the householder.