Health Careers
There are hundreds of careers in the health sector. There are the obvious roles like being a nurse, dentist or doctor or there are other jobs such as a dietician, ambulance officer, counsellor or non-clinical roles.

To get the career you want after finishing school, you should start thinking about the subjects you are studying now and where they will take you. For example, if you are interested in medicine, you should be taking science and maths.

If you aren't in school or have been working for a while, you can still get into a career in the health sector. Some roles offer on-the-job training and others require study.

Tertiary level training or study is required for many health careers, which can be carried out at a range of tertiary institutions nationwide.

To find out more information about tertiary institutions and the requirements to enter your chosen health profession use the Health Careers A-Z search or have a look at the Career Services website which provides career advice and planning assistance.