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Whanganui transition from RED level to ORANGE level information

Tuesday 14 December 2021


We understand many of you hope to go visiting during our holiday season. Some of you may be travelling during the transition to a new traffic light level and we would like you to be prepared for those changes.


Until 11.58pm on December 30 the Whanganui rohe will continue to be in the RED level of the traffic light system - find guidelines here for RED.


From 11.59pm on December 30 the Whanganui rohe will change to the ORANGE level of the traffic light system - find guidelines here for ORANGE.


Stay well and keep safe during the holiday season.


Visiting Whanganui Hospital during the COVID-19 Protection Framework, also referred to as the traffic lights

Wednesday 8 December 2021

Whanganui rohe is currently at level RED, what does it mean for visiting the hospital? When you arrive at the entrance you will be asked to:

1. Scan or sign in

2. Change your mask to a hospital surgical mask if you’re not wearing one already

3. Use the hand sanitiser provided

You will then be asked three questions:

1. Are you feeling unwell today, do you have any cold or flu like symptoms?

2. Have you recently had a COVID-19 test?

3. Have you visited a location of interest?

Why are we doing this? Based on lived experiences regarding how COVID-19 is transmitted we need to ensure COVID-19 doesn’t enter our hospital if at all possible.

If you are presenting as a patient, we will undertake precautionary measures, all of which will be explained throughout your patient journey but you will be seen.

Visitors with acute respiratory symptoms such as cough, cold and flu symptoms, sore throat and runny nose or have abdominal pain or diarrhoea or a close household contact with a current COVID-19 case must not attend unless prior arrangements have been made. You will be declined entry if this is the case.

Social distancing is required so we ask that there is a maximum number of two visitors per bed, and we ask where possible that the two visitors remain the same each time to lower the risk.

You will not be asked to provide a vaccine passport within a clinical setting, however if you have one, that is great.

There is a requirement for booked surgical procedures and surgeries to have a COVID-19 test 48 hours prior to arrival. Not having completed this may result in your surgery or surgical procedure being postponed. We will rely on the advice of your treating health team in these cases. The effects of COVID-19 on an individuals recovery has warranted a cautious approach which may include deferring surgeries, unless urgent, until the person is no longer infected with COVID-19.

There is no need to have a COVID-19 test before getting an x-ray, blood test or a consultation with a health professional.

Thank you for supporting our WDHB staff so they can deliver the healthcare you require. Together, we will ensure our hospital is safe and functioning for all needs.



COVID-19 confirmed in Whanganui

Saturday 4 December 2021 


The Whanganui District Health Board can confirm its first case of COVID-19 in the rohe. 


Confirmation of this case was received by Public Health who advised the Whanganui DHB, and from there all COVID-19 protocols have been actioned. 


The COVID positive case is well and self isolating in one of the prepared Supervised Isolation Quarantine (SIQ) facilities under the supervision of the SIQ Team and the medical officer. Public Health are currently undertaking a health assessment and starting the contact tracing process, they currently see the risk as low. 


This person has recently travelled out of the region, has been compliant with all COVID-19 tracing requirements and is cooperating with Public Health. 


Whanganui DHB Acting CE Graham Dyer wants to assure the Whanganui rohe that this event has been well prepared for and we are all working hard to minimise the risk to the community. “The best thing you can do for yourself and your whanau right now is if you're not vaccinated to get in and get it done, maintain handwashing, social distancing and mask wearing. Check the locations of interest and if your concerned at all or have any symptoms ring Healthline 0800 611 116 to check if you need to be tested”. 


The CBAC will be running extended hours 8am to 3pm on Hospital grounds for those who require testing (this will be amended if required). You will be triaged at the CBAC and tested if required, staff want to remind people to be patient and be kind.


If you're unsure if you need a test please ring Healthline on 0800 611 116 or your healthcare provider first. 


Vaccination is still our best defence with COVID-19. If you haven’t had your vaccination there are clinics running over the next week: 


Sunday, 5 December 2021

Te Rito 62 Victoria Ave 10am - 3pm Walk in 

Waiouru Ruapehu Street Waiouru 11am - 2pm Walk in 

Marton New World Wellington Road, Marton 10am - 3pm pop up 


Monday, 6 December 2021

Te Rito 62 Victoria Ave 6am - 4pm Walk in 

Central City Pharmacy 121 Victora Avenue 9:30 - 12:30pm Booked 

Pasifica Church Puriri Street, Tawhero 10am - 12pm Walk in 

Te Ao Hou Marae 356 Somme Pd 3pm - 6pm 

Living Waters 5 Rakau Road, Castlcliff 12pm - 5pm Walk in 


Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Te Rito 62 Victoria Ave 9am - 7pm Walk in 

Bulls 4 Criterion Street 9:30am - 3:30pm Walk in 

Bulls Medical Centre 73 High Street, Bulls Booked 

Ruapehu Health 38 Seddon Street, Raetihi 4pm - 6pm Booked 

CMH Clinic Day Gate 2, Heads rd, DHB 1pm - 3pm CMH 

Living Waters 5 Rakau Road, Castlcliff 12pm - 5pm Walk in 


Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Te Rito 62 Victoria Ave 9am - 7pm Walk in 

Te Kotuku - Marton 85 Henderson Line 10am - 3pm Walk in 

Puriri Street Shops 92 Puriri Street 4pm - 7pm Pop up 

Living Waters 5 Rakau Road, Castlcliff 12pm - 5pm Walk in 


Thursday, 9 December 2021

Te Rito 62 Victoria Ave 9am - 7pm Walk in 

Aramoho Health 144 Somme Parade Aramoho 3pm – 5pm booked 

Central City Pharmacy 121 Victora Avenue 9:30 - 2:30pmBooked 

Taihape 3 Hospital Road10am - 3pm 200 Walk in 

Taihape Medical 3 Hospital Road 5pm - 6:30pm Walk in 

Living Waters 5 Rakau Road, Castlcliff 12pm - 5pm Walk in 


Any locations of interest will be added to the Ministry of Health website as due process is followed. 


We can not stress enough, we have planned and prepared for this. We are ready and set up to be working through the situation. There is no need for panic. 


It’s time to reach out to your whanau and friends, check in with your support networks and remember the basic things you can do to protect your whanau and yourself. 


We will be providing regular updates. 


For further media comment please contact Communications@wdhb.org.nz

He Hāpori Ora Thriving Communities launch

We are pleased to officially release WDHB’s He Hāpori Ora Thriving Communities Strategic Direction 2020-2023 strategy document and video.


We will continue to action the focus areas outlined in our strategy to ensure that the people of the Whanganui District Health Board rohe are thriving. We continue to take heart that our strategy aligns to the indicative position announced by government through the recent New Zealand Health Service announcement.




  • The total number of people who have had Covid-19 in the Whanganui Region is ten (10). 
  • Nine cases have now recovered. There is one active case in the region.
  • Please visit Unite Against Covid or the Ministry of Health website for national information about Covid-19.