Relationships with Maori - Hauora a Iwi

The Whanganui DHB recognises and respects the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi/Te Tiriti o Waitangi in accordance with the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000 and is committed to the advancement of Māori health priorities.

The board recognises that partnership and participation are essential to enabling iwi to participate and contribute to strategies for Māori health improvement, and to foster the development of Māori capacity to participate in the health and disability sector.

We are committed to:

  • improving partnerships with iwi
  • building iwi and Māori capacity to respond to health needs
  • involving iwi and Māori in planning and decision-making
  • improving Māori health
  • reducing health and disability inequalities.

The board has a Memorandum of Understanding with Hauora a Iwi in recognition of this commitment.

Hauora A Iwi is the inter-tribal forum, established by a confederation of six iwi, to be the high-level strategic partner with the WDHB.

The inter-tribal forum is a direct response by the iwi communities to:

  • ensure partnership responsibilities under Treaty of Waitangi/Te Tiriti o Waitangi are meaningfully discharged
  • a wish to maintain separation between strategic and governance decisions and health provision.

The WDHB views participation of iwi and Māori across all levels of the organisation and the health sector as a key objective. In addition to partnership with Hauora a Iwi at a governance level, participation with Māori health providers occurs at an operational level. Our board and management are supported by kaumatua and kuia to ensure Māori protocols and duties are discharged appropriately.