Board elections 2019

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Whanganui District Health Board elections 2019

The next election for district health board members will take place on Saturday 12 October 2019.


Nominations have now closed. 


Candidate profiles and election results will be available on Whanganui District Council's website as more information becomes available.

Electoral officer


The board has confirmed that Noeline Moosman from Whanganui District Council will act as electoral officer for the 2019 elections for Whanganui District Health Board. Noeline can be contacted by phone on (06) 349 0001 or email to



Further information


Click here for the WDHB's Fact Sheet for the Triennial Election

Click here for the Ministry of Health's Information for Candidates

Click here for the WDHB's Information for Candidates

Click here for the WDHB's Board Election Procedure and Protocols





For queries regarding the role of DHB members and the election process, please get in touch with the WDHB's electoral contact, Margaret Bell – phone 06 348 3424 or email