Board Members

District health boards consist of seven members who are elected by the community, and up to four members who are appointed by the Minister of Health.

The board is responsible for overall governance of the Whanganui District Health Board and is accountable to the Minister of Health. Board members work together in a financially responsible manner and in the best interests of the health of the district's whole population to achieve the district health board's objectives.

Board members do not manage the Whanganui District Health Board. That is the responsibility of the chief executive, who is appointed by the board, and the staff who report to the chief executive.

More information about district health boards can be viewed on the Ministry of Health website.

Whanganui District Health Board members

Dot McKinnon - Board chair / Appointed / Second term

Stuart Hylton - Deputy Board chair / Elected / Second term

Philippa Baker-Hogan / Elected / Fifth term

Judith MacDonald / Elected / Third term

Jenny Duncan / Elected / Second term

Graham Adams / Elected / Second term

Dame Tariana Turia / Appointed / First term

Darren Hull / Appointed / First term

Charlie Anderson / Elected / First term

Annette Main / Elected / First term

Maraea Bellamy / Appointed / First term