Preliminary results - WDHB election 2019

Whanganui DHB elections 2019: Preliminary results 

The election for district health board members took place on Saturday 12 October 2019.  Seven board members are selected through the election process and the Minister of Health then appoints up to four board members.  A due diligence process will be undertaken over the next few weeks to enable appointed members to take office at the same time as the elected board members.


For results of the 2019 elections, follow this link to the Whanganui District Council's Elections 2019 webpage.  Official results will be available after special votes have been verified.


The term of office for current board members ends on 6 December 2019, with new board members taking office on Monday 9 December 2019.


Preliminary results for the 2019 elections Whanganui District Health Board are available below.


Candidate Affiliation Status Quota Vote Count
Main, Annette   elected 2217.625 2893
Anderson, Charlie Independent elected 2217.625 2338
Baker-Hogan, Philippa Independent elected 2210.359375 2217.68
Chandulal-Mackay, Josh Independent elected 2165.582275 2214.41
MacDonald, Judith   elected 2106.494385 2136.25
Hylton, Stuart   elected 2106.494385 2134.6
Adams, Graham   elected 2067.213623 2067.45
Bennett, Mary   excluded 2067.213623 1828.12
Brown, Tanya   excluded 2129.218994 1171.32
Firmin, Kiritahi Independent excluded 2162.588623 1059.66
Vinsen, Lynne A Fresh Approach excluded 2181.551025 685.92
Smith,Debra   excluded 2188.758545 611.36
Teki,Christie   excluded 2195.577393 548.55
Barron, James   excluded 2200.181152 414.84
McDonnell, Te Aroha   excluded 2207.230469 351.46
Morris, Victoria   excluded 2210.359375 265.13
Edmonds, Matthew Independent excluded 2213.735107 241.62