Bikes get new lease of life at Stanford House


21 October 2020


Shane Cossey, Health Care Assistant at mental health and addictions rehabilitation unit Stanford House and clients/tangata whaiora are learning new skills and supporting the wider community by bringing back to life abandoned and broken bicycles.   


Shane started at WDHB in December 2019. Before this, he worked for retail display manufacturers GDM Whanganui and as a painter.   


Shane has assumed responsibility for running the Stanford House workshop as one of the programmes where clients/tangata whaiora have the option to do carving, welding, woodwork and more. The upcycling bicycle project will be added to the activities.  


Shane and clients/tangata whaiora collect unused bikes from the community and repair them, utilising parts from other bicycles they have collected and repaired. Once brought back to life, the bicycles are donated to children and adults in the Whanganui community.  


To date Shane and the clients/tangata whaiora have rescued, restored and donated more than one hundred bicycles.  


Peter de Roo, Clinical Nurse Manager, is happy that Shane’s strengths and abilities are being utilised in his role at Stanford House.   


“Our clients/tangata whaiora are spending constructive activity time reviving the bicycles from completely unused and abandoned to being fully functional,” says Peter.   


“Well done to Shane for his enthusiasm and ability to get clients/tangata whaiora involved in a constructive activity which helps our community. For some people, the cost of purchasing a bicycle is beyond their means. We are glad we can offer upcycled bikes to people to promote their independence,” says Peter.  

Shane Cossey in the bike workshop at Stanford House


Shane adds: “What other people think of as junk is in perfect working condition. To us a brake leaver is gold.”  


If you have an unwanted bike, or bike parts you would like to donate to the Stanford House workshop, please email