WDHB Māori Health buildings

Ngā Whare - buildings on campus
In Māoridom, some physical spaces are permanently governed by tikanga (protocol). At the WDHB we have some buildings that are governed by tikanga Māori:

Mauri Ora Whānau Accommodation – Emergency accommodation
Te Whare Mauri Ora is a homely environment for emergency accommodation provided to whānau/families who live outside of the city limits, and who have a whānau/family member in hospital. Terms and conditions apply

Access to this service is through on-call Haumoana who can be contacted via the telephonist. Whānau/family can stay at Mauri Ora for up to seven nights, unless otherwise discussed and arranged with the Haumoana.

Please refer to the Mauri Ora Whānau Accommodation brochure.

Te Piringa Whānau
Te Piringa Whānau is a whare (house) on the WDHB campus. This whare has played an important role in the history of the development of Māori health and mental health services in the Whanganui area.

The purpose of Te Piringa Whānau is to support family/whānau-centred care by providing a Māori cultural environment for patients and whānau hui and education. It also provides the desired environment for staff cultural education.

Te Piringa Whānau is for day use only, no overnight stay.

Te Whakatau Mate
Te Whakatau Mate whare (house) temporary short stay accommodation provided for whānau/ families who experience the sudden loss of a whānau member prior to the tūpāpaku deceased being removed for a post
mortem. The whare/house is available to all families through the Police Māori liaison officer and on-call haumoana. Due respect is given to the Māori cultural focus of the whare/house.