WDHB Māori Health roles

Kaiuringi/Director Māori Health
The kaiuringi/director of Māori health provides oversight of the legislative and policy compliance for the district health board. The position provides advice to the chief executive, Executive Management Team and the Board on strategic issues associated with reducing disparities and relationships with Māori communities. The kaiuringi/director of Māori health is the primary contact for Hauora A Iwi and has involvement with the contracted kaupapa Māori health providers through the Maori Health Outcomes Advisory Committee. This position has the day to day operational responsibility for DHB services provided to Māori in consultation with the kaitakitaki.

Kaitakitaki/Clinical Manager Māori Health Services
The kaitakitaki/clinical manager, Māori Health Services provides operational leadership and management of the Te Hau Ranga Ora Haumoana Service and implementation of the Te Waka model of service delivery (whānau centered care) to ensure culturally safe, effective care to whānau. The kaitakitaki/clinical manager works with the kaiuringi to lead the implementation of WDHB Māori Health Strategy, Huarahi Oranga and lead the implementation of delegated Māori Health Plan initiatives and Māori health indicators and service targets. This position has the day to day operational responsibility of working with the haumoana to provide education and cultural support to deliver and promote the Hapai to Hoe Education Programme and provide Māori health clinical and cultural advice to the director of nursing & patient safety.

Kuia and Kaumatua
The WDHB has kaumātua and kuia available to support patients/service users/tangata whaiora and their whānau, if required. They also provide support to staff, management and governance of the health board as well as providing support to the Māori health team operating within the hospital. Requests to involve kaumātua and kuia are made in consultation with the patient/service user/tangata whaiora or their whanau. This process is facilitated by the Te Hau Ranga Ora Māori Health Services.

Haumoana/Whānau Navigator
The role of the haumoana navigator is to guide, mentor and work with staff and clinical leaders to provide services that are whānau/family-centred and demonstrate tikanga best practice. The aim is to reduce health disparity and improve the overall health and wellbeing of all whānau.

Haumoana Workforce Development Coordinator
The role of the haumoana workforce development coordinator is to coordinate workforce development activities and initiatives that will increase the Māori workforce capacity in WDHB and develop medium and long term strategies to support Māori interest in health as a career.

Haumoana Administrator
The role of the haumoana administrator is to provide responsive, customer-focused administration services to assist Te Hau Ranga Ora to deliver high quality services.