Children's Ward


Ward size Visiting hours Contact details
8 bed unit 8am to 8pm
(parents welcome at any time)
06 348 1234
(for calls regarding children currently admitted)

Wanganui Hospital Children's Ward2Infants, children and adolescents up to the age of 15 years old are cared for in Whanganui Hospital’s Children's Ward. Our inpatient unit consists of an eight-bed paediatric ward (covering a mix of surgical, medical, elective and emergency care) and a four-cot Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU).

Visiting hours
Parents can visit at any time. Other visitors may visit from 8am – 8pm. However, at times it may be necessary to restrict visitors due to your child’s condition. Young brothers and sisters are welcome to visit, but must be supervised by an adult. Please discourage visit from those who are unwell, have runny noses or coughs.

Staying the night
Parents and extended family remain the main providers of care for their children while in hospital. Research shows children have a more positive experience when a support person assists with care. For fire, safety and security reasons, only one support person may stay overnight, to assist with care.

If required, it would be appreciated if you brought in your own supply of nappies, regular formula and bottles for your child.

Toys provide distraction, relieve boredom and provide a way for children to cope with the hospital environment. Playing also provides an indication of how your child is feeling and recovering. Please feel free to bring one or two of your child’s favourite toys for them. (Please note: We recommend toys are washable and clearly named).

Television and entertainment
Most rooms have a television. In shared rooms, patients and families are asked to be considerate of each other and the need for rest or quiet. Some movies are available for viewing from the nurses’ station. There is also a selection of children’s books on the ward.

Children's Home Care Nursing Service
This service supports children and families with chronic illnesses such as cancer, cardiac and renal issues, as well as children who require complex post-operative care including burns, and premature baby follow-up. This service can only be arranged through discharge from hospital.

This service is provided Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm.

Hospital school
The Ministry of Education employs one teacher to support children away from school for more than two weeks. The teacher, in conjunction with the child’s own school, can provide lessons for all primary, intermediate and secondary students.