Maternity Unit


Te Whatu Ora Whanganui Maternity Unit’s three birthing rooms each have their own private birthing pool and ensuite, with the 11 inpatient bed units also providing ensuite facilities.


The unit is located close to the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) for newborn babies who need specialist care.




Ward size Visiting hours Contact details
14 beds (3 birthing rooms;
11 inpatient beds)
8am to 8pm
(one support person, 8am to 8pm)
06 348 1234 ext. 7295




Visiting hours

Delivery suite At the discretion of the midwife, partners or support people are welcome to visit anytime while women are in the delivery suite.
Maternity Ward A partner or support person (one at a time only) are encouraged to stay overnight to support new mums. All other visitors are welcome to visit between 8am – 8pm.
The birth of a baby is a special time for everyone concerned, but please understand women can sometimes feel a little overwhelmed by visitors and their good intentions.

We recommend and encourage new mothers to rest. New parents are encouraged to spend time together alone with their babies. Please do not be offended if you are declined access to the ward. This may be at the request of the mother.

Visitors can access the Maternity Unit by pressing the intercom button at the unit’s entrance. Delays in answering occasionally occur if staff are busy, or when they are in an emergency situation.

Staying overnight

One support person may stay overnight to assist with care, although this is dependent upon:
  • the availability of a single room with an ensuite
  • the Maternity Unit’s ability to operate effectively
  • the support person abiding by the Maternity Unit’s acceptable behaviour guidelines.

Lead Maternity Carer services - primary

Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) midwives provide care for the majority of Whanganui women during pregnancy, labour and birth, and up to six weeks after their baby is born. Care is provided in the women’s own homes, or in clinic facilities.

The vast majority of LMC midwives work in small practices. They or their back-up LMC provide 24 hour, 7 day cover for women in their care. Women are referred to other health professionals, hospitals and/or specialist services as and when required.

LMC midwives are publicly-funded and fully integrated with other health professionals and community services.

No one will be refused urgent treatment; however charges will apply for people who are not eligible for publicly funded services in New Zealand. If you are not a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, you may not be eligible for publicly funded healthcare. Find out if you are eligible

LMCs available in the Whanganui region < click to view

Waimarino Midwifery Service

Hours Contact details
Monday to Friday,
during business hours
Waimarino Health Centre: 06 385 5019
Midwives pager: 026 111 504


The Te Whatu Ora Whanganui Waimarino Midwifery Service provides pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal care 24 hours, 7 days a week for women living in the Waimarino community.

The service is based at Waimarino Health Centre where the birthing unit is located. A midwife is available Monday to Friday during business hours (except when the midwife is making home visits, or with a birthing woman and her family). The midwife can meet with women in their own homes, or at the health centre.

The Waimarino Midwifery Service is supported by a dedicated team of health and allied health practitioners. This includes rural nurses, a social worker, administration staff, mental health and iwi providers.

Any women requiring specialist care are transferred to the inpatient Maternity Unit at Whanganui Hospital.

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