Women's, Children, and Youth Health
The WDHB provides a wide range of services for women, youth and children across the public health system and within the community. Hospital services include hospital, day patient, outpatient or community-based secondary level services in the following specialties:
  • medical and surgical
  • maternity and obstetrics
  • child health
  • disability support
  • mental health and alcohol and other drugs
  • forensic mental health
  • associated clinical support and community-based support services.

Community services may be funded by your district health board or they may be funded directly from the Ministry of Health or Education, or another Government department. An example of a Ministry-funded service is lead maternity carer’s (LMC’s) who are paid by the Ministry of Health. Primary care organisations, are funded by the district health board but they may also be funded directly for specific programmes.

The WDHB and it's health services operate from three facilities:
  • Whanganui Hospital
  • Waimarino Health Centre
  • Rangitikei Health Centre.

More than a third of the WDHB's resident population lives outside Whanganui city and are therefore some distance from the base hospital in Whanganui. We provide visiting specialist and outreach community-based services to our rural communities. We also offer support for travel assistance through administration of the National Travel and Accommodation Fund.

The WDHB works alongside, and in support of, primary care providers such as general practitioners and independent midwives. It also maintains close links with other secondary and tertiary hospitals that provide care to our population.

These services are provided across the continuum of health care settings:
  • the person’s own home or a community setting such as a marae
  • a primary health care setting such as general practice, a dental practice, or pharmacy
  • a secondary care hospital - a hospital which provides outpatient, day patient and inpatient specialist level services
  • a tertiary care hospital - a hospital which provides specialist level services that are only provided regionally or nationally.