United in Recovery

The Whanganui Emergency Operations Centre formally closed on 14 May, 2020, marking a transition from the COVID-19 pandemic emergency into a period of recovery.

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An Integrated Recovery Team has now been established, based on relationships which were strengthened during the emergency response. 


Whanganui District Health Board is working closely with Whanganui District CouncilWhanganui Civil DefenceRuapehu District Council and Rangitikei District Council and a wide range of organisations and agencies such as Whanganui & Partners, the Whanganui Health Network and the Ministry of Social Development.  


A Recovery Office has been established at Whanganui District Council’s Civil Defence headquarters at 101 Guyton Street with support from recovery managers, Leighton Toy and Charlotte Almond from Whanganui District Council and Louise Allsopp, from the Whanganui District Health Board.


An integrated plan for local recovery is being developed as we engage with people and share information with partner organisations across our communities.


The current focus of the team is to collect and evaluate information gathered from and by people and organisations throughout our region, while also addressing immediate needs and opportunities.



Updated 7 July 2020

Recovery office May 2020

One of the Recovery Managers - Leighton Toy - holds a briefing with the Integrated Recovery Office. 




Community engagement follows pandemic response

2 July 2020    Following the response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Integrated Recovery Team (IRT) - a collective team of organisations working on recovery - is asking the community what projects...

Reflections on lockdown, resilience and beyond

29 June 2020   Two WDHB staff with backgrounds in mental health - Olive Redfern and Ron Kinsey – talk about their expertise in resilience, coping mechanisms and change following the response...

New regional website will monitor recovery from impacts of COVID-19

A new website, Manawatū-Whanganui Regional Indicators (MWRI), has been created to reflect the region’s councils’ collaboration and initiatives underway to help with recovery from the impacts of COVID-19.

Public feedback welcomed by post-COVID recovery team

Members of Whanganui’s Integrated Recovery Team (IRT) were at the riverside market on Saturday getting feedback from the public on the impacts of COVID-19 and the lessons learned from the response to the virus.

Work and Income working for community from home

Ministry of Social Development is working in partnership, through the Integrated Recovery Team, on social and economic recovery for the Whanganui region. 

Recovery media release #4 Welfare and support directory available post COVID-19

To help support the community post COVID-19, a directory of support organisations and resources is available. 

Recovery media release #3 International expert joins recovery team

The Integrated Recovery Team, based in Whanganui, is benefiting from the expertise of international recovery and infrastructure development expert Paul Bayly. 

Recovery media release #2 Community feedback assists recovery planning

Post-COVID-19, the Integrated Recovery Team has created a survey for the communities of Whanganui, Rangitikei and South Ruapehu. 

Recovery media release #1 Whanganui’s Emergency Operations Centre closes

Whanganui’s Emergency Operations Centre, led by the Whanganui District Health Board and Te Ranga Tupua, has now closed, marking a formal transition to recovery for the region.