Ko au ko tōku whānau, ko tōku whānau ko au

Nothing about me, without me and my family


Te Whatu Ora Whanganui (formerly Whanganui District Health Board) in partnership with healthcare providers including Iwi healthcare providers, offer healthcare services throughout our district. 


We cover a large area that include residents of Whanganui, Rangitikei Territorial Authority areas and the Ruapehu Territorial Authority area wards of Waimarino and Waiouru – known as South Ruapehu.


The vision for our region is He Hāpori Ora Thriving Communities.  This outlines our commitment to achieving equity, particularly for Māori, in working with our partners in care across our community.  Our vision aims to enable individuals, whānau and communities to be healthy at home.


Collectively, we will work together to build resilient communities, empowering whānau and individuals to determine their own wellbeing.


*Data based on Ministry of Health and Census 2018 data sources.





While many restrictions have been removed out in the community, our hospital and clinics will continue with our current hospital visitor policy.


We require visitors to:


* wear a mask

* sanitise your hands

* no food or drink to be consumed when visiting

* if you're unwell - please stay home

* ring prior to visiting a ward to ensure you can visit


Our rules are to ensure our staff, our patients and our visitors are protected as much as possible.


Read updated mask use and visitor guidance for hospitals and other health and disability care settings here.