Combined Statutory Advisory Committee

Three of Whanganui DHB's advisory committees were combined in early 2016 to create WDHB's Combined Statutory Advisory Committee (CSAC).

The Combined Statutory Advisory Committee has the responsibilities of the committees it replaced as follows:

  • CPHAC is responsible for advising on the needs of the population of the district and any factors it believes may adversely affect the health status of the population. The committee also gives advice on priorities for use of the funding by the crown.
  • DSAC is responsible for advising on the disability support needs of the population of the district. It also provides advice to the board on priorities for use of the disability support funding provided.
  • HAC monitors the financial and operational performance of Whanganui Hospital and related services. The committee also assesses strategic issues relating to provision of hospital services.

The committee usually meets two weeks prior to the Board Meeting on a Friday from 9.30am to 1.00pm. The meetings are held in the Board Room located on the fourth floor of Whanganui Hospital, 100 Heads Road.


CSAC meeting timetable 2021


9am - 1pm, Friday 26 February

9am - 1pm, Friday 28 May 

9am - 1pm, Friday 27 August

9am - 1pm, Friday 26 November 


Meetings of the Board and the Combined Statutory Advisory Committee are open to public.


The public may request the opportunity to speak about a specific agenda item being considered by the Board or Committee. Please contact the CSAC Office on 06 348 3393 or email CSAC Secretary Deanne Holden.  


The meeting papers below include an agenda for the upcoming meeting, minutes from the previous meeting and additional papers.