Water It Down - some key benefits of drinking water
For a lot of people in our community, water is not the drink they first grab – it’s often a sugar sweetened variety they reach for. This is scary, because sugary drinks are one of the most significant causes of poor oral health and contribute greatly to childhood obesity and Type 2 diabetes. They are a huge health hazard which also increases the likelihood of stroke and heart problems. These dangers can be avoided though, if people choose to drink water.

Studies suggest adults need nine to 16 glasses of water a day, however, this number varies depending on an individual’s level of activity, age, and how much water they're consuming in coffee, tea, or water-rich vegetables and fruit. Keeping yourself hydrated can be one of the easiest ways you can benefit your health.

Have you tried this to keep yourself hydrated?
Begin by drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up, and 30 minutes before eating any big meal. (This will help control appetite, too.) Get in the habit of keeping a water bottle on hand at all times. And, if the taste beings to get a bit boring, spice it up with a squeeze of citrus!

So, put the sugary stuff to the side and make water your number one drink of choice. As you’ll see below, the benefits really are endless.

Benefits of drinking water

Fluid balance
Roughly 60 percent of the body is made of water. Drinking enough water maintains the body’s fluid balance, which helps transport nutrients in the body, regulate body temperature, digest food, and more.

Oral Health
Drinking water reduces the risk of dental caries. Having a healthy mouth is important for overall health and wellbeing. So drink up the water and look after your smile!

It can aid weight loss
If you’re looking to lose weight you could help yourself by upping your water intake. Studies have found that when people drink water before a meal, they lose weight faster than those who did not drink water. Extra water helps us eat less by making us feel full. It’s not uncommon to put on weight by mistaking thirst for hunger. Next time you feel fatigued or sluggish, drinking water may be just what you need to perk up.

Muscle fuel
Sweating at the gym causes muscles to lose water. And when the muscles don’t have enough water, they get tired. The hotter the workout, the sweatier we tend to get, so it’s extra important to replace those lost fluids. So for extra energy, try drinking water.

Water can improve your mood
Drinking water makes us feel so refreshed that it can actually improves our state of mind. You don’t even have to be severely in need of it to benefit: Even mild dehydration has been shown to negatively impact moods.

Clearer skin
Certain toxins in the body can cause the skin to inflame, which results in clogged pores and acne. Water flushes out these toxins and can reduce the risk of pimples.

Kidney function
Our kidneys process 200 quarts of blood daily, sifting out waste and transporting urine to the bladder. Kidneys need enough fluids to clear away what we don’t need in the body so it’s essential to keep up adequate water consumption to keep our kidneys in good shape.

Pain prevention
A little water can go a long way. Aching joints and muscle cramps and strains can all occur if the body is dehydrated.

Going without water for too long can also cause headaches for some people, and has been identified as a migraine trigger. A good way to prevent headaches is to stay hydrated throughout the day. If you’ve already been hit with a dehydration-triggered headache, you’ll need significantly more water to help it go away.

Keep things flowing
Nobody wants to deal with digestion issues. Luckily, drinking enough water adds fluids to the colon which helps make things move smoothly.

Sickness fighter
Water may help with decongestion and dehydration, helping the body bounce back when feeling under the weather.

Water helps our brains and energy levels
Next time you’re feeling zonked, forget coffee - water can help fight those tired eyes too. Feeling tired is one of the first signs of dehydration and filling back up on water could zap the sleepiness. A glass of water can help people concentrate and stay refreshed, alert and more focused.

If you’re going to need to concentrate for long periods of time, keep water handy to help you stay refreshed, hydrated, and focused: Dehydration can impair your attention span, memory, and motor skills. Dehydration causes shrinkage of brain tissue. So when we haven’t been drinking enough water, our brains have to work a lot harder to perform at the same level.