RMO application process

Submitting your application 

For house officer (HO), senior house officer (SHO) or registrar positions, you can submit directly to Louise Torr, Business Manager for the Medical Management Unit by email at Louise.Torr@wdhb.org.nz


Please send the following documents:

  • Covering letter
  • CV with passport size photograph
  • Three reference reports (one from your current supervisor for SHO applications. For HOs applications, references can be from observations done) 
  • Completed WDHB application form
  • Snapshot of EPIC account (created for International Medical Graduates) 


Referees can send the completed referee report directly to Louise.Torr@wdhb.org.nz

Te Whatu Ora Whanganui RMO recruitment process

Application procedures and deadlines are important, so please ensure you are familiar with our application process and closing dates.

RMO vacancy enquiries and applications can be emailed to Louise Torr, Business Manager for the Medical Management Unit by email at Louise.Torr@wdhb.org.nz

Annual recruitment

Application guidelines


  • You can apply for positions in more than one area/specialty.
  • You can apply for a house officer position, as well as a registrar position.
  • It is possible to apply for a junior registrar position after two years as a house officer. 
  • You can only apply for registrar positions in general surgery, orthopaedics and psychiatry.

House officer, basic registrar and advanced registrar level opportunities will be advertised separately on our website. When you apply, you will be asked to identify the specialties you wish to be considered for within the level to which you are applying.

If you wish to apply for both a house officer and a registrar position, you will need to submit a separate application under each of these levels.

Note: You must be eligible for registration with the Medical Council of New Zealand under the General or Provisional General Scope of Practice. Applications from those who are eligible under another scope of practice cannot be accepted.

In New Zealand, the term SHO refers to a house officer in the third year of experience or higher.

Basic registrar positions are available in surgery, psychiatry and orthopaedics.

First-year house officer applicants

First year house applicants need to apply through Advanced Choice of Employment (ACE). This scheme is a national internship matching process to employ first-year house officers (post-graduate year ones) on behalf of all district health boards in New Zealand.

Please apply at the beginning of the training through ACE's website.