Spending time in hospital? Here's what you need to know about medication during your stay. 

If you know you are coming to hospital please bring your medication with you. This includes inhalers, contraceptives, and any medications purchased from supermarkets or health / herbal shops.

It’s important that we know exactly what medication you are taking, how often, and at what dose.

It is also helpful if we know the name of your GP and regular pharmacist. We may need to contact them to let them know of any changes to your medication, or to ask them questions about the medication you are taking. This is handy information to keep in your wallet in case of an emergency.

Pharmacy Service

Whanganui Hospital’s Pharmacy supplies medication to all wards and departments within our hospital. Our pharmacists collaborate with healthcare professionals to provide patient care that makes the best use of medication and promotes health, wellness, and disease prevention to all patients, especially those require complicated or multiple medicines.


A pharmacist will come to your bedside to:

  • check your medical history
  • monitor and check your prescriptions
  • ensure you have been prescribed the correct medication and dose
  • check any allergies you may have
  • check for any drug interactions
  • liaise with your regular pharmacist to notify them of any changes to your medications.

During this one-on-one consultation the pharmacist will:

  • discuss what medication you are currently taking
  • discuss any unwanted side-effects you may be experiencing
  • discuss any new or changed medications
  • listen to any concerns you may have about your medications
  • advise how you can get the best out of your medication.

Please note: the pharmacy you choose to get your prescription filled the first time is where you must go to collect your repeats.

Our pharmacy is for inpatients (those who are staying in hospital) only and not for the wider community. Please view the list below for pharmacies in the Whanganui district.