He Hāpori Ora - Thriving Communities

The vision for the Whanganui District Health Board is He Hāpori Ora Thriving Communities. It outlines our commitment to achieving equity, particularly for Māori, in working with our partners in care in a social governance model and enables individuals, whānau and communities to be healthy at home. Collectively, we will work together to build resilient communities, empowering whānau and individuals to determine their own wellbeing.


With the strong indications from the government through the Wellbeing Budgets 2019 and 2020 and the New Zealand Health and Disability Systems reform, it is important that we, as a DHB, continue to strive towards improving living standards, reducing inequities and working with our communities to deliver health and wellbeing services to everyone in our rohe.


The position outlined in He Hāpori Ora Thriving Communities Strategic Direction 2020-2023 reaffirms the position taken by government through the Health and Disability Systems reform. Since our strategic direction’s initial soft launch in August 2020, the Whanganui District Health Board has made significant advancements in the key focus areas: Pro equity, social governance and ensuring people are healthy at home.


We will continue to deliver the strategic focus and priority areas outlined in our strategy to ensure that the people of the Whanganui District Health Board rohe are enabled to live in Thriving Communities.


We are pleased to officially release our He Hāpori Ora Thriving Communities Strategic Direction 2020-2023 document to ensure our communities can join us on the journey towards living in Thriving Communities.

 You can find a link to the He Hāpori Ora Thriving Communities Strategic Direction 2020-2023 document below. 




He Waka Eke Noa was the name given to this magnificent taonga. The whakapapa of this tukutuku panel is based on the tohu and values of Whanganui District Health Board.


Acknowledging that no matter where we work in the community, we are all in this waka together, equally valued and ensuring the health and wellbeing of people and their whānau/families are at the centre of all we do.


The harakeke was gathered locally, prepared in the traditional manner and coloured using natural products and mud from the Whangaehu awa.


Whanganui District Health Board wishes to acknowledge the weaver, Trina Taurua of Ngā Rauru me Ngāpuhi nui tonu descent. 




As an organisation, the Whanganui District Health Board will be guided four core values – Aroha, Kōtahitanga, Manaakitanga and Tino Rangatiratanga. These values are displayed in the four corner panels of our tukutuku panel and are reflective of the Whanganui District Health Board’s ‘waka model’. This model further outlines the additional and complementary values we use at an operational level to ensure that communities experience that Ko au ko tōku whānau, ko tōku whānau ko au – Nothing about me without me and my whānau/family.