Building the Maori workforce

The goal of Te Whatu Ora Whanganui's Māori workforce development programme is to build on the capacity of local Māori working in health through:

  • improving access to Māori health career information for rangatahi and whānau adults
  • working with the local secondary school leaders, advisors and teachers to improve Māori.

And participation in health and disability education training and careers as part of:


  • inspiring rangatahi at intermediate school level to be interested in health as a career
  • Work to increase the number of Māori rangatahi choosing science at secondary school level
  • providing information and profiling adult learning and support opportunities within health
  • contributing to increased recruitment and retention of Māori rangatahi studying at a tertiary level.

Te Whatu Ora Whanganui Māori Health Services (Te Hau Ranga Ora) has a team member dedicated to leading and coordinating our Māori workforce development programme.