Physiotherapy Services


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  Reception 06 348 1286     8am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday
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Physiotherapists are Allied Health professionals, who assess and treat individuals who have problems with physical function and mobility. An elderly woman leans down from a hospital bed being assisted with her shoes by a physiotherapist

At your physiotherapy appointment, the physiotherapist will assess your needs and select appropriate treatment which supports the promotion and maintenance of your good health and vitality.

Te Whatu Ora Whanganui - Whanganui Hospital’s Outpatient Physiotherapy Service

Te Whatu Ora Whanganui - Whanganui Hospital’s Outpatient Physiotherapy Service provides:

  • primary care following injury
  • hand therapy services
  • community services
  • specialist groups including cardiac rehabilitation and Parkinson’s
  • women’s health
  • lymphoedema care
  • antenatal therapy and education
  • hydrotherapy
  • cardio-respiratory care
  • persistent pain management.

Techniques physiotherapists use


  • education on prevention and self-management of injuries which including workplace set up and encouraging safe lifting techniques
  • normal movement through handling & exercise
  • exercise prescription
  • manipulation and mobilisation of joints and soft tissues
  • application of splints
  • use of electrical equipment
  • cognitive behavioural therapy.

Referral information

A referral to our physiotherapy service can be made by another health professional involved in the person’s care e.g. doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, psychologist, social worker, speech-language therapist, etc.