Theatre Services


Pre-surgery clinics | Endoscopy Clinic | Skin Lesion Removal Clinic | Day Unit
Operating Theatre | Post-Operative Care Unit | Instrument Sterilisation Department

Whanganui Hospital’s Theatre Services Unit consists of pre-surgery clinics, a day of surgery unit, endoscopy clinics, skin lesion removal clinics, operating theatres, a post-anaesthetic care unit (recovery room) and instrument sterilisation department.

Having all these services under one roof makes the journey easier and more streamlined for our patients. The Theatre Services multi-disciplinary team consists of nurses, anaesthetists, surgeons, administration staff, instrument sterilisation technicians and health care assistants.

Pre-surgery clinics
If you require surgery, you will be required to attend a pre-surgery check appointment prior to, and usually within, four weeks of your surgery. It is important that you bring your medication to the pre-surgery check appointment (either the medication in its packaging or the most recent printout from your pharmacy) and that you also bring any relevant discharge summaries if you have received treatment at another hospital.

We recommend a support person accompanies elderly/frail/dependent patients to assist them.

Your pre-surgery check appointment is where you will have a health assessment completed by a nurse and/or doctor to determine if you are fit for surgery. Diagnostic tests may be ordered and additional treatments arranged to promote good health and post-operative recovery. Information and education about the operation is provided and any questions or queries you may have are answered.

Endoscopy Clinic

Some procedures in this clinic (including gastroscopy, colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy) involve examining the digestive system using a long flexible instrument with a built in camera and lighting system. Another procedure is bronchoscopy, which involves examining the lungs. These procedures are completed with the patient under sedation with pain relief. Tissue biopsy and a number of surgical procedures may be performed. After a short recovery period, patients may go home with the support of family and friends.

Skin Lesion Removal Clinic

If you have a skin lesion requiring removal, you will be required to attend an outpatient appointment in the Skin Lesion Removal Clinic to have your skin lesion removed under local anaesthetic.

Day Unit

You will be require to attend the Day Unit if you are undergoing elective surgery under general anaesthetic. Following your admission and having your health information checked by a nurse, you will be allocated a bed space where you and your family members may wait until surgery. After surgery, day stay patients return to the unit until they are well enough to return home. Others are admitted to the Surgical Ward for ongoing care. Some medical procedures, such as blood transfusions or IV drug administration, are also done in this unit.

Operating Theatre

Whanganui Hospital has one acute and three elective operating theatres. Elective surgery is carried out Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm. We have a surgical team available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week for emergency surgery.

Post-Operative Care Unit
Immediately after surgery a patient needs close observation, pain relief and medication to control any issues such as nausea and wound care. This seven-bed unit provides one-on-one care, as needed. Depending upon their requirements, patients may be here anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours.

Instrument Sterilisation Department

This department decontaminates and sterilises instruments and equipment used during surgery and endoscopy. Industry standards are very strict and our small team of highly-trained technicians provide an excellent service to help ensure patient safety.